Before a treatment

I will ask you to remove jewellery, watches, belts etc, to allow you to be more comfortable and to leave your belongings outside the treatment room. I will also ask you to turn off your mobile phone, so you are completely present in the healing space. We will then talk about your reasons for seeking Reiki treatment, and how you are feeling at the moment. Anything that comes into the space is treated confidentially, as are the notes I take. This consultation takes between 30 and 50 minutes, and is an essential part of the treatment, creating a space where you are cared for and nurtured.

During a treatment

When you are ready, I ask you to lie down on the couch, and will cover you with a blanket or sheet, depending on the weather! It is best to wear comfortable clothing, so you can fully relax. I will play music and burn an essential oil, although we can work in silence, with no oil, if you prefer. The treatment will then begin.

The treatment consists of me placing my hands on different positions on your body, starting from your head, and moving down to your feet. You then turn over and I place my hands on different positions on the back of your body. During the treatment people report different sensations and feelings, and each are unique to the individual, such as; deep relaxation, heat, cold, tingling, inner calm, body movements, visions, sounds, returning memories and emotional responses.

After a treatment

After the treatment I will leave you to relax for a few minutes, whilst the Reiki energy settles, then I will bring you a glass of water and ask you to put your feet back on the ground. This is the end of the treatment. At this time, you may feel peaceful and rested, or full of energy.

Following a treatment, you may experience a cleansing process, which could include; feeling very emotional, a return of old symptoms for a short time, an increased frequency of urination or a slight headache. The reaction to a treatment is unique and individual and is okay, you just need to trust that you will move through it. The most important message is to be kind to yourself, and allow things to be. You can contact me at any time if you need some extra support or reassurance.

After your third treatment, if you have completed a cycle of three, there is a 21 day period, where the Reiki energy will settle within you and the full benefit of the cycle will be realised.

By receiving a cycle of Reiki treatments, you will be embarking on a journey of self-development and healing.