About Erika

Hello, my name is Erika Beale and I am passionate about helping others feel happy in their lives, finding peace and balance. I live in Minster Lovell and I'm a mum to two lovely boys, who bring laughter and excitement to my life. I originally trained as a Primary School teacher and have taught throughout the Oxfordshire area. I love teaching and felt privileged to be part of so many young children’s lives. During this time I suffered from symptoms of stress and anxiety and wanted to find a way to manage this. I also suffered from post natal depression with both of my children.

I became interested in Reiki, after hearing one of my close friends talk about it and its wonderful effect on reducing anxiety and depression, so decided to learn more.

I was introduced to Golden Way Reiki in 2013, by my Reiki Master, Elizabeth Chanter. I received my first cycle of treatments from her, and was astounded by the results. This led me into my First and Second degree training, and now to this practice. I began treating family and friends with Golden Way Reiki from September 2014, after completing my Second degree training. I received invaluable feedback, and a wonderful sense of achievement helping others through giving Reiki treatments. My personal circumstances and outside influences led me to the decision to start practising Reiki full time, and so it was with excitement and joy that I began this next chapter of my life.

There is no magic cure for mental illness, nor complete freedom, but there are ways to drastically reduce the effect it can have on your life. Reiki is one of those ways.



Journeyman Refresher Course - The Golden Reiki Way, Cheltenham, 2017

Journeyman Refresher Course - The Golden Reiki Way, Cheltenham, 2016

Digital Journey Second Degree - The Golden Reiki Way, Cheltenham, 2014

Digital Journey First Degree - The Golden Reiki Way, Cheltenham, 2014


Insurance and Memberships

I am a member of the UK Reiki Federation and have full indemnity insurance for giving Reiki treatments.

Testimonials for Erika

Erika is a warm, caring and thoughtful person. She made me feel very welcome when I went for my first Reiki treatment with her. My session lasted 70 minutes, and for the first 15 minutes I lay comfortably on the Reiki couch listening to the tranquil music that was playing softly, while Erika began lightly placing her hands on different parts of the head and body. In itself this was soothing, and then I fell into a deeply relaxed state similar to a light dream sleep though still with awareness of the treatment continuing. By the end of the session I felt very rested, my normal aches and pains had calmed, and my mind was peaceful. It was a wonderful experience and Erika's professional training and practice really showed. I would highly recommend Erika to anyone who is thinking of trying Reiki.

IG, Oxon

I went to Erika with a plethora of medical problems. After attending several Reiki sessions at her beautifully equipped and relaxing home salon, I felt like a new woman! You are made to feel totally at ease and all medical declarations are totally confidential. The Reiki itself is lovely enabling you to drift off into a world of peace and tranquility. I would thoroughly recommend Reiki sessions with Erika as she is both professional, personable and the whole experience is extremely uplifting. It is well worth a visit, just for the experience and to see how much difference it can make to your overall health and wellbeing.

Ally Goff

Erika’s Reiki treatments are a real treat. You receive the Reiki healing in a tranquil and cleansed space, Erika is a calming influence and is very professional in her approach. Her hands on healing is very effective, I have had transformational effects from each session. I would thoroughly recommend.

Sara Coles

I've been having treatment for a few months now and can really say Reiki has helped my anxiety and in turn reduced my tinnitus. Erika is a wonderful therapist and Reiki is a fantastic alternative therapy. I would recommend The Reiki Room in Minster Lovell.


Perfect calm setting, I loved the process of the 3 treatments, wonderful experience on the day and long lasting - Erika is discreet and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend.

SW. Witney

Having the set of three Reiki sessions was a really wonderful experience. Erika really puts you at ease and is supremely calm and wise. The treatments were all deeply relaxing. Having tried various alternative treatments for anxiety and depression, this is the method that really made the difference to me.


I am trained in traditional Japanese Reiki in the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing and Golden Way Reiki. All of my Reiki training has been carried out by my Golden Way Reiki Master, Elizabeth Chanter, with whom I continue to develop my personal practice to the highest standard.

Receiving Reiki treatments can be the beginning of a beautiful journey into self-healing,
I would be privileged to begin that journey with you.

Find a place for Reiki within you.

Be at peace. Find balance. Feel joy.